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Personnel appraisal


Vadybos referatas. Introduction. Literature analysis. Empirical research. Conclusions. Recommendations. Appendices.


With motivation, humans have summoned up from within themselves superhuman energies to climb the highest mountains, reach the moon, build huge cities and corporations, win terrifying wars and achieve almost impossible lifetime goals despite all obstacles. Thus, the secret or magic of any meaningful human life lies in the personal goals, motivation.
Performance appraisals are the key for evaluating the work of employees, for developing and motivating employees as well as to identify and reward high-quality performers. The process begins when the manager receives an appraisal request for employees in his or her area of responsibility. The request specifies which employees should be appraised and which appraisal method should be used.
In preparation for the personnel appraisal, the manager collects information on the employee's profile and previous appraisals. The employee's profile contains information such as the employee's qualifications, knowledge and potential.
The manager conducts an appraisal meeting with the employee and enters the personnel appraisal in the system.
If required, a proposal for compensation planning will be created from the result of the personnel appraisal.
The employee is informed that the personnel appraisal has been recorded in the system and the result is available.
The employee reviews the result in the system and specifies whether or not he or she accepts it. If the employee does not accept the result, the manager may revise the personnel appraisal. After the employee has acknowledged the result, the procedure is complete.

For analysis we chose an entertainment centre with restaurant based in Vilnius area, which position in the market is higher than average. Thus it‘s necessary to meet the high quality requirements. Service staff must be highly qualified and experienced in serving customers. Earlier restaurant worked very successfully everybody; customers, employees and top management were satisfied. Now managers discovered some problems with services quality. Many clients complained about slow waiters work, their mistakes. Better results were only then director or manager watched how waiters are working. Of course, it is impossible for managers all the time control every waiter.
In this report we are going to answer the question – what are the reasons of problems with service quality? Our goal is to find solutions how to fix that situation and restore service quality. To achieve this goal we carried out the restaurant waiters’ survey that was extended interview. This will help us to find out real employees opinion about what is right and wrong in their workplace. We rise hypothesis that such situation caused by lack of employees’ motivation, because earlier same staff were working perfect, it has necessary skills and experiences to do that job well. Although employees have perfect working conditions and all necessary for work instruments they, for some reasons, have lack of enthusiasm and motivation to do their job. ...

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