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Ethics and Management


Verslo etika. Darbas anglų kalba. Introduction. Ethics in today’s business. Interference between. Companies. Companies and government. Companies and investors. Companies and employees. Ethical issues in different trades. Conclusion.


According to Wikipedia, Ethics is a major branch of philosophy, is the study of value, or morals and morality. It covers the analysis and employment of concepts such as right, wrong, good, evil, and responsibility. It is divided into three primary areas: meta-ethics (the study of the concept of ethics), normative ethics (the study of how to determine ethical values), and applied ethics (the study of the use of ethical values). The Applied ethics then can be applied to various situations, different trades, professions, cultures etc. Therefore we have ethics in business, ethics in health care, ethics in psychology, legal ethics etc.

Work ethic is a set of values based on the moral virtues of hard work and diligence. It is also a belief in moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character. In other words all societies have shared rules that state what people should do in specific situations and how they should behave. So ethics can be described as set of norms. Obviously norms vary from place to place, from family to family, from country to country. What is normal in Ireland could not be tolerated in India, and vice versa. Ethics is strongly based on believes, tradition and history.

Regarding to history, one of the biggest philosophers was Plato (430-347 BC) and his student Aristotle (384-322 BC). Aristotle wrote several works on ethics, the major one was "Nicomachean Ethics" and is considered as one of the greatest Aristotles works and on this work is based all today’s ethic and morale.

Business today is conducted not only local but more in global environment. Business has grown up from local and country wide trades. It has expanded, thanks to Europe Union, to international level, global level. The factory can be based in Ireland, factory workers can be Polish or Lithuanians, the raw materials could be delivered from Thailand and production exported to Australia. That’s how small business world is today. But dealing with those many different factors, different cultures can be nothing else but tricky task. Employees, Investors, Suppliers, Customers, Government (Local and EU), eventually society: these are the bodies which you and your business are responsible for.

Being responsible, means dealing with them, with people in different ranks, positions, cultures etc. And none of them is the same. Every person has his/her own bents in some areas, perceptions, viewpoints, and valuables. Person’s behaviour is influence by environment, by situation. But almost everyone is behaving honestly in one context and dishonestly in other context. ...

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